Finding Hope When Calamity Comes (Lamentations 3:24-38)

Finding Hope When Calamity Comes (Lamentations 3:24-38)

This sermon is “Part 3” in a series through the Book of Lamentations.
Desert Hills Church, Phoenix, Arizona

As we read chapter Lamentations 3:24-38, I wonder what was on the mind and heart of Jeremiah as he witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem. He must have been burdened and totally distraught as he witnessed this great city of David being burned in ruins. The carnage he must have seen, the dismay and terror in the eyes of the people; it is beyond imagination. Then I wonder in times of turmoil, where is our hope? Where do we find peace when our hearts are burdened? As we continue to listen to the sermon series on Lamentations from Pastor Robb, may we learn how to find our hope and peace in the lovingkindness of the LORD. It is there we will find everlasting mercy, grace, and peace.


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