Fellowship Groups

Equip Groups

Ministry Overview

Equip groups provide an opportunity for people to connect in a larger setting than a home group but smaller than our weekly worship services. These groups meet at the church campus on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am, and 10:30 am for fellowship, study, and prayer.

8:30 am
  • Study of Ecclesiastes – Room 207 – Taught by Ryan Carpenter
  • Join us as we study this Wisdom Book!
  • History of the Protestant Reformation – Room 206 – Taught by Pastor Matt Yeary
    Join us as we look at the beginnings and developments of the Reformation.  We will look at men such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, etc. and how God used them to bring reform and transformation to His Church.
`10:30 am
  • Study of Romans – Fellowship Hall – Taught by Rich Pierce, Jon Sorensen, & Josh Tanner
    This is our largest Equip Group and a great way to get better connected and fellowship deeply with others at Desert Hills!  This class will continue its current study of Paul’s epistle to the Romans. You are welcome to jump in and join us!
  • *Christian Ethics – Room 205 – Taught by Pastor Jason Crothers
    In this class, we will help you apply a biblical worldview to difficult ethical issues, including wealth and poverty, marriage and divorce, birth control, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, business practices, environmental stewardship, telling the truth, knowing God’s will, understanding Old Testament laws, and more.
    *All interested in this class are encouraged to register at:
    Christian Ethics – Desert Hills Bible Church (churchcenter.com)

Adult Equip Group Support Leaders

Matt Yeary

Executive Pastor