Desert Hills Bible Institute

Desert Hills Bible Institute will serve as a theological educational ministry of Desert Hills Bible Church in a specialized capacity—that is, beyond the regular preaching of God’s Word in general congregational settings. Students will complete seminary level study.

The mission of DHBC has long been to advance Christ’s kingdom—or “reach the world”—through multiplication. Part of that multiplication necessarily involves the Great Commission’s aspect of sending. If DHBC will send disciple-making disciples, a reasonable way to facilitate that sending is by equipping such ministers from the resources God has graciously and abundantly afforded DHBC.

Theological educational institutions often have been established in conjunction with churches and/or denominations and have maintained biblical and theological fidelity as long as close identification with the faithful local church is maintained. Desert Hills Bible Institute is being established, therefore, as a ministry of Desert Hills Bible Church and intends to maintain operation under its auspices and in accord with its mission and statement of faith, particularly since the produce of this ministry will be pastors, teachers, and missionaries being sent from DHBC.

The new Desert Hills Bible Institute is a ministry of Desert Hills Bible Church.

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