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Ministry Overview

The Desert Hills Library contains over 2400 items to help you in your study of God’s Word. Items can be checked out whenever the church is open. We take great care to add books, DVDs, and CDs for all ages that we hope the church body can use to learn, grow, and also enjoy.

We are continually adding new books to our shelves and are happy when donations come in. If you find yourself purging your own bookshelves, we will be glad to use what we can!

What We Believe

Digital Catalog

Our digital catalog is easy to browse. You can filter the list by recent additions, author, title, or published date. You also have the ability search by tag word, such as salvationdevotionalmarriageEphesians, etc.



Parents, if your children are reading more or listening to audiobooks and you want help discerning their choices, Redeemed Reader and Plugged In Books offer helpful reviews.  To keep your kids involved with great books, we also offer a fun summer reading challenge from June through August. For more information on the reading challenge, stop by the library on Sundays or contact the church office.