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A Godly Mother’s Prayer

We see throughout Scripture the high value God places on mothers.

The first woman in history was named Eve, which means “the mother of all the living.” Adam gave her this name because, of all the significant things about her, the one thing that most captured his attention was that Eve was created by God to be the mother of humanity.

When we skip ahead to Exodus, we meet Moses’ mother. She made the unbearable sacrifice of nursing her baby boy until he was weaned, knowing he would then be taken as one of the royal babies in Pharoah’s court. Her actions show the importance of a mother giving birth to and protecting her children, sacrificing herself for their good.

And who could forget Mary, the mother of Jesus our Lord? She believed the Word of God – although it was impossible to understand from a human point of view – and she had the highest privilege of any mother who ever lived, giving birth to the Son of God and being His mother.

Another mother in Scripture who was a model of godly character is Hannah. Her story is brief, but her impact on the divine significance of motherhood is massive.

Hannah’s exemplary character is displayed clearly in 1 Samuel 2, with her prayer of praise after God had answered her request for a son. In this prayer, we find the heart every godly mother should imitate as they seek to honor the Lord in raising their children. There are four truths in Hannah’s prayer about the character of a godly mother.

First, the godly mother extols the holiness of God.

God’s holiness is the reason Hannah exults in the Lord and rejoices in His salvation (1 Sam 2:2). Hannah, through her pain of experiencing infertility, was sustained by her knowledge of God’s holiness, which assured her of His faithful goodness to all who trust in Him. No matter what she faced in her life, she knew God was her immovable rock.

As Hannah reflects on God’s answer to her prayer, she recognizes God’s glory and majesty. Those who believe in the Lord’s promise exult, not primarily in the answer, but in the One who answered their prayers, as Hannah did. She understood the answer to her prayer was not the result of her strength but that God gave her victory amid distress.

Christians are called to follow Hannah’s example as she extols God’s holiness. Godly mothers will extol God’s holiness so everything in their life is determined by God’s character.

Second, the godly mother explains the mysteries of God.

God often ordains experiences that seem to contradict His promise so that we might exercise faith in what is unseen. These mysterious trials test our faith and prove its reality because we believe God will reverse these circumstances by His own sovereign power without human explanation.

Hannah explains three divine mysteries in her prayer: the mighty are shattered while the weak become strong, the rich become poor while the poor enjoy abundance, and the woman with many children languishes while the barren gives birth. These mysteries completely reverse historical expectations through events that are seemingly impossible to the human mind.

Hannah expresses faith in the exclusive power of God to reverse all human circumstances that seem contrary to His will but which the godly are powerless to change. These mysteries can only be explained by words of faith, even in Hannah’s situation. She saw, in Samuel’s birth, God’s work to deliver His people from sin and death. Hannah did not know of Mary and her song, or of Christ’s death and resurrection, but she believed God would be faithful to all His promises to His people and deliver them from evil because He answered her prayer.

So, it is with godly mothers in every generation, explaining to their children the mysteries of the faith, that what is seen is temporal, but what is unseen is eternal. Godly mothers walk by faith, knowing trials are given to them to see within them the divine mystery God brings about His promises in the most unexpected ways, for His glory alone.

Third, the godly mother exclaims the salvation of God.

Hannah speaks of God bringing about the salvation of His people. She had firsthand experience that God’s deliverance came through suffering, not without it.

This salvation is so marvelous that no human can accomplish it, which is why Hannah notes God Himself established the world and exercises authority over it. God created the world in such a way that the power of men is useless to prevail. Like Hannah, we must depend wholly on God through every circumstance of life for our deliverance; and no matter how painful the situation, God will exalt His people and deliver them by His own power.

Hannah’s once-barren womb is a powerful picture of this helplessness. She clearly saw God’s providence through her heart-breaking situation. She recognized that her deliverance could only come to her by the Almighty’s power, leading her to glory in the ways of God rescuing His people.

Godly mothers must have a palpable dependence on God in their life, recognizing they are at the mercy of divine providence, not only for eternal salvation, but for their every breath. All believers should also exhibit that attitude. It is not by our own strength we will prevail in our battle against sin or come into God’s kingdom. It is only by the great saving work of God in Christ, and we should exclaim that work.

Finally, the godly mother expects the supremacy of God.

Because the world hates God’s design for women, it misses how much God honors women and womanhood as He has created it to be. In Michelle Obama’s documentary “Becoming,” she said being a mom was a “concession” she had to make as a woman, forcing her to give up her dreams and aspirations. How contrary this is to the picture God wants us to have of the beauty and glory of womanhood and motherhood! God honors women and motherhood. We see this reality many times in Scripture, but Hannah’s story is one of the clearest examples of it.

Hannah’s prayer to become a mother is answered, and God blesses her to be the first person in Scripture to use the word we call Christ (1 Sam 2:10) – even though we previously knew about a promised deliverer. Being a mother was not a concession, nor did it cost Hannah her dreams and aspirations. Rather, it bestowed on her the incomparable honor of introducing the world to the truth that God would send His people the Messiah.

In looking to the future, Hannah sees God reigning supreme over the earth through His Anointed King. She understood God’s promise and pointed forward to Messiah’s coming and His glorious reign. Her testimony shows that no one should manifest hope more than a mother, and that mothers should lead their children with an example defined by hope because a godly woman knows Christ will reign supreme.

These truths meant so much to Hannah because ultimately she knew she was a sinner in need of a saving God who would conquer Satan, sin, and death. Godly mothers can sing with hope like Hannah when they are profoundly impacted by gospel truths.

We must acknowledge these truths are not just for moms, but for all of us. We are all sinners in need of salvation – a salvation we can never secure by our own strength, and God fulfilled this promise in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who know Christ by faith know the salvation of our God. I pray our lives might be marked by a singing hope to the glory of His grace.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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