Pulpit. Expositional Preaching explained

Proclaiming the Mystery

An Introduction to Expository Preaching


Expository preaching stands as the central pillar of Christian ministry, offering a timeless and dynamic method to proclaiming the mystery of the gospel (Ephesians 6:19-20). Its roots delve deep into the biblical text, aiming both to inform minds and to transform hearts through the power of Scripture. In this article, we embark on a journey to understand the essence of expository preaching, introducing its importance, preparation process, historical significance, divine dependence, and its relevance in addressing contemporary challenges.

1. The Importance of Expository Preaching:

In a culture awash in biblical ignorance, exposing the meaning of Scripture is of paramount importance. Expository preaching seeks to present the meaning of God’s Word accurately, taking into account the literary, historical, linguistic, theological, and cultural contexts of each passage of Scripture. The goal of expository preaching is to communicate to the hearer the meaning the Spirit of God intended in each passage. Because people desire to hear messages that suit their personal preferences, expository preaching safeguards the church from allowing the sermons to become nothing more than ear-tickling advice. Expository preaching powerfully declares what God has revealed in His Word.

2. How to Prepare an Expository Sermon:

Preparation is paramount to effective expository preaching. A systematic approach is essential, starting with prayerful and rigorous reading of the biblical text in its context. Thorough exegesis of the text in its original language follows. Understanding the historical background and theological significance of the passage is essential. Preparation culminates in the formulation of the sermon outline and composition of the notes the preacher will take into the pulpit. Each step demands diligence and reverence for the Word. Crafting engaging illustrations and application points further enhances the sermon’s quality, and prayerful and passionate delivery in the power of the Spirit ensures that the message resonates with the audience’s hearts and minds.

the importance of expositional preaching

3. Historical Examples of Expository Preaching:

Throughout history, expository preaching has left an indelible mark on the church. From the eloquence of Augustine to the fervor of Spurgeon, exemplary preachers have demonstrated the transformative power of Spirit-filled expository preaching. Their sermons, rooted in Scripture and empowered by the Holy Spirit, continue to inspire generations. Studying their methods and messages provides invaluable insights into the timeless art of expository preaching, reminding contemporary preachers of the rich, biblical heritage they inherit.

4. The Role of the Holy Spirit in Expository Preaching:

While diligent preparation is essential, expository preaching transcends mere human effort. The Holy Spirit, as the Author and Interpreter of Scripture, plays a decisive role in illuminating the Word to both preacher and congregation. Through prayerful dependence on the Spirit, preachers draw a clear understanding of the divinely intended significance of the text. Trusting the power of the Spirit in their delivery, preachers are enabled to impart spiritual truth that results in intellectual comprehension and conviction that touches the depths of the soul. It is the Spirit who works powerfully through the preached Word, convicting hearts and transforming lives.

5. Addressing Modern-Day Issues through Expository Preaching:

In a world marked by uncertainty and moral ambiguity, expository preaching serves as a beacon of truth and hope. Because God’s Word supplies everything we need to live for His glory in every circumstance, the expository preacher can be confident his preaching will be culturally relevant and transformative. By engaging with contemporary issues through the lens of Scripture, preachers offer timeless solutions to modern-day challenges. Whether tackling societal problems, cultural decay, or personal struggles, expository preaching provides solid answers grounded in the unchanging Word of God. Through relevant application and biblically-informed insight, expository preachers equip believers to navigate the complexities of modern life with unwavering faith and sturdy convictions.


Expository preaching stands as the central, indispensable tool in the arsenal of Christian ministry. By respecting the divinely intended meaning of Scripture, diligently preparing sermons, drawing inspiration from historical exemplars, relying on the Holy Spirit, and addressing modern-day issues, preachers can effectively proclaim the unchanging truths of Scripture to a world in need. May this article serve as a guide and encouragement for preachers who seek to proclaim the Word of God with clarity, compassion, and conviction.