Sermons on Worship

Sermons on Worship

Worship Q&A

This is a Q&A session done after the sermon series of True Worship. Many of you have questions about the worship service and how we are to worship with our fellow believers.  Today you get an opportunity to have your questions answered by Pastor Robb; as well as our worship leaders, Sam Stefanski, and Josh Stefanski.

True Worship, Part 4

Attending the worship service on Sundays is more than just physically showing up. There should be real preparation involved, not only on the part of the worship team and the pastor who is delivering the sermon. Every believer coming to the worship service should be prepared to join in the worship of our Lord. But, how should we be preparing ourselves? Please listen to…

True Worship, Part 3

What should our corporate worship look like? What is the purpose of coming together and worshipping God? The Bible is clear on why we should come together in worship. We aren’t to worship together simply because God commands us; that would be an oversimplification. In this evening sermon, by Pastor Robb, we learn from the written word of God why we should come…

True Worship, Part 1

There is no such thing as simply worshipping God. Our worship of Him should never be seen as a mundane or ordinary thing. Our worship of God should come from an understanding that He is holy, righteous, love and merciful. God is worthy of all our praise and worship, but do we know what is true worship. Please enjoy this sermon series by Pastor Robb as we discover how we…

Jesus Cleans House – Luke 19:45-48

Jesus shows anger at those who are denigrating His Father’s house.  Jesus shows anger as He never has before.  What is Jesus really angry about?  To get the answer to this question, please listen to this morning’s sermon by Pastor Robb.  Understand why Jesus turns away those who are interfering with prayer and worship in the Temple.

Micah: God’s Requirements for True Worship

Pastor Robb continues his summer teachings from the book of Micah. God’s Requirements for True Worship.  Pastor Robb continues his series through the books of the Minor Prophets. This week’s sermon brings us to the under-used book of Micah.  Micah’s message of justice speaks directly to the common misconception of today’s society where justice is often confused with…
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